Defining Social Good Impact - Data First

Data crunching for social responsible companies and organizations to better define the social impact of their product or service.

Validated Impact Calculators

Calculate the impact of your Sustainable or Give Back product/practice

Analyze Your Impact

Develop metrics and community outcomes from the desired social impact

Data with Purpose

Create a custom data impact story for your company and products

HOVE Social Good Intelligence, Inc.

HOVE Social Good Intelligence Company is an innovative, mission-to-action lifestyle company working to shift people’s behavior and build positive impacts. We bridge two gaps: connecting people to purchasing with purpose, and analyzing non-traditionally grouped data, such as environmental, health, social community, and consumer action, to act simply…powerfully. 

We Know Every Business has Many Goals

We calculate positive social impact footprint stats to help grow sales for social enterprises and their Give Back work. We create clear, solution-based impact outcomes. Why? We love data. We love positive impacts. And we believe connecting data to positive impacts can spark amazing achievements. We are a team of data geeks determined to design and create impactful data stories for people.

Making Connections Between Environmental, Personal Health and Social Commerce Data.