What is HOVE? (Say It Like “LOVE”)


HOVE Social Good Intelligence Company is an innovative, mission-to-action lifestyle company working to shift people’s behavior and build positive impacts by

(1) connecting people to purchasing with purpose; and (2) analyzing non-traditionally grouped data, such as environment, health and consumer action, to inspire and act simply…powerfully.


We leverage critical environmental, health and consumer data to create more actionable solutions for individuals, organizations and companies. By creating unique data impact stories, our goal is to inspire our families, friends, and neighbors with clear, easy social impact facts to replace everyday consumable goods easily with better choices made by socially responsible and Give Back companies.

Check out our Social Good Boxes where we introduce a larger segment of the population to awesome Do Good companies and their sustainable goods and stories.

Our Team

Cindy J Lin, DEnv

Founder & CEO

CindyJ is an avid ecologist, environmental scientist and engineer by training. She achieved her 10-year old dream of working at the US Environmental Protection Agency and while there, engaged in amazing water protection projects and sweeping environmental policy changes. As Water Adviser at the US Embassy in Beijing, China, she tracked down stimulating water pollution stories and connected with local residents on science, citizen efforts, and the yummiest wild bamboo shoots in rainy, tropical Asia. A lazy hobbyist birder, she would get distracted by the most breathtakingly stunning katydids and beetles when collecting data in Costa Rica or carrying out sustainable farm practices in Ecuador.

Chris Reyes, PhD

Founder, founding CTO

Chris is a creative biophysicist and accomplished entrepreneur. Although he got his start in research and community work at Cal Berkeley, his first entrepreneurial successes began with throwing and operating highly lucrative house parties (check out a video time machine!). Fascinated by science and health, he buckled down to develop his passion for discovering new treatment options for people suffering from debilitating and terminal diseases.  Then, bothered by the “same old way of doing business,” he chucked the traditional approaches and founded multiple biotech companies to deliver effective results and respond directly to patient needs. Visits to Cacao farms made him grasp strongly the link between personal health and sustainable farming (potential loss of cacao, hops and chili peppers is making him antsy). —Chris built HOVE to help all of us plug away effortlessly at improving our personal health and community.

Latha Rao, MBA, MS

Operations and Outreach Guru

Latha is a public health specialist who believes connecting people to impact and health is what can make all of us achieve our best selves. Previously working as a health care professional, she brings her wealth of knowledge on community health and people behavior to create innovative ways to shift our habits.

Jessica Elliot, AIA

Design Creative

Jessica is a licensed architect with an exuberant passion for social impact work. She loves finding creative ways to show every individual’s positive impact from a simple, thoughtful purchase that leads to more social good and sustainability. She is the happiest when she is working with diverse communities and building an impactful experience.

Jane Lin

Give Back & Sustainable Brand Analyst

Jane is a non-profit specialist and believes collaboration between the non-profit and commerce worlds should collide. She has an excellent knack for zeroing in on what works and what doesn’t and uses this ability to curate better impact driven products and brands. You can always find her shopping….that is seeking out the best ways to “shop” with social impact.

Sherry Lin, MS

Data Scientist

Sherry is an environmental health scientist and currently interning at HOVE Social Good. She believes happiness stems from helping people. She believes the best way to create social and environmental impact is by inspiring people to take actions together in our communities. Her recent Disney internship taught her the importance of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. She loves mashing up her environmental science background with her interest in design.